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I just start a book when I received a email from a great friend from USA, and I'll post some pieces here on my Blog to spread to the world my thinking about that!

I am in the middle of this storm of COVID-19, in Brazil, and as everybody knows, all the family are at home, until this pass over.

And I was trying to track all the informations related this and put my understanding on a book, helping the people how to surviving on this.

When I sent a email to various people about my release of the last book that I wrote, I just received a email from this man who is the reference of a good husband and father and a man of business that is The head of the Parker’s family at Island of Martha’s Vineyard, in MA. And He wrote to me he was in Miami and near the beach and one of those airplanes that pulls a sign for people to go to stores, clubs, etc, was flying even though the beach is now closed by law.  The sign it pulled said: "Stay in Your Home Until the Lord's Wrath Passes."  And He said: We must all think of God, especially in times like these! 

This book is about that. God is around us and has a plan for all of us, but is this a Lord’s Wrath?

Let’s see...

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